Minescape Illustrations

Historic Buildings, and more Mining Scenes. 

 Minescape Illustrations are hand drawn using technical Instruments and traditional methods. 


South Crofty Mine 

South Crofty from my original graphite Illustration, shows South Crofty as it looked in 1970 from the Camborne side of the Tuckingmill valley.

The surface works shows the new Cooks shaft steel headgear, ore bin's and rock breaker plant. South Crofty was registered in 1906 and shaft sinking commenced in 1907  by the 1980's it had reached a depth of over 2400ft. South Crofty ceased mining in the mid 1990's with the loss of many Cornish jobs, and at the time was the last Cornish mine to have operated commercially.

Recent developments at South Crofty have seen new management, the development of the Tuckingmill decline tunnel, with a forward view to restart modern mining with most operations taking place underground.



Wesley Street in Camborne 

Wesley Street Camborne from my original graphite Illustration.

The Illustration shows the Camborne - Redruth Tramway system and Tramcar no 1 approaching the Centenary loop, on the far right hand side of the Illustration is the Holmans no 1 works.

Holman Engineering of Camborne was a worldwide supplier of rock drill's and portable air compressor's, with the decline of Cornish mining Holmans moved to the world market, but has since closed. Examples of Holmans rock drill's can be seen at the King Edward Mine museum on the great flat lode Troon Camborne. The Holmans building has now been demolished and retail development and housing stands on the site.


Carn Brea Castle

Carn Brea Castle from my original graphite Illustration.

The history of Carn Brea can be dated before 3000 BC and would have been a very important place, remains of stone circles can still be found, and also evidence of Cornwalls largest hill fort.

The presence of alluvial tin and shallow mining methods, would have also encouraged early barter and trading. Unfortunatly the early history of the castle is unknown, although dates as far back as 1300 can be found, the Castle has changed in apperance over the years, and a recent south wing has been added, the Castle stands 750 ft above sea level. 

The last two pages have shown some of my graphite illustrations, and a few illustrations of Cornwall's history. Over the years many books have been written on Cornwall and its history, we have institutions such as the Old Cornwall Societies, and the Carn Brea Mining Society  who research and record our history, the Cornish Studies Libarary at Redruth, also holds a wealth of information on many Cornish subjects, also town museum's and mining museum's that help keep our history alive. 


The graphite images viewed on my site are also produced as lithograph prints, and I  produce a range of products from these. In total there are 32 Minescape images in print, used in various forms.



The following pages show examples of my colour work and products.